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Weekly Services

We meet on Saturday’s at 11:00 in downtown Jerusalem. For directions and to arrange a visit please email us with your name, where you are from, how you heard about us and when you plan to come.

NOTE: As we are a community focused on indigenous Israelis, our services are in Hebrew and translation is for members only. If you are relationally connected to a member of the congregation, you may ask them to request up to two translation sets for any visitors and we will provide them depending on availability. If you do not receive a translation set, we hope that you find fulfillment in our service with the help of the Holy Spirit and enjoy listening to Hebrew which returned as a spoken language around the same time as God restored the gift of tongues to the Body of Messiah. Coincidence? We think not.

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    Ahavat Yeshua c/o Revive Israel
    Moshav Yad Hashmona
    D.N. Judean Hills
    90895 ISRAEL
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