Ahavat Yeshua is Hebrew that can mean Love of Yeshua or Love for Yeshua.  Founded on Shavuot (Pentecost) 2006 by Asher Intrater and Eddie Santoro with a vision to reestablish a Hebrew speaking Jerusalem congregation based on the community seen in the Book of Acts Chapter 2.

Asher was already leading a team called Revive Israel (make that a link to the RI website) which provided the core team starting the congregation.  Eddie had been an elder many years in Tiferet Yeshua (make that a link to TY website) and came alongside Asher in founding the new community.

With Asher functioning in a prophetic and apostolic role and Eddie functioning in the pastoral, three of the five gifts mentioned in Ephesians 4 were present from the very first meeting of Ahavat Yeshua.

Over time Dan Juster became more involved and added a five-fold Teacher gift to the existing elders to make a three stranded cord of elders with four of the five Ephesians 4 equipping gifts.

Today, these same three senior gentlemen provide five-fold equipping to the next generation of leaders which are doing the day to day leading of the congregation.

Ariel Blumenthal and Jonathan Moore co-lead the congregation along with an amazing team of ordained deacons, underpaid staff, musicians and volunteers.

Our vision is to hasten the second coming of Yeshua and revival until all Israel is saved through an apostolic congregational community in Jerusalem based on the original Jerusalem community found in the Book of Acts.

As an apostolic congregational community, our leadership is comprised of local elders equipped by an apostle and as many of the Ephesians 4 five-fold gifts as possible.

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Every donation is an investment into the lives of those reestablishing a Jerusalem community based on the biblical model found in Acts chapter 2!!!